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Race Relations in the U.S.

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     Independent Empire
     Early Republic and Vargas Dictatorship
     Post-Vargas Military Rule
     Democracy through Today
Economy and Development
Environment and Conservation
People and Society
     Gender and Sexuality
     Race and Ethnicity
     Indigenous Brazil
Arts and Culture
     Film, Theater, and Performing Arts
     Visual Art

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List Published: 6/10/14


     Independent Empire
     Early Republic and Vargas Dictatorship
     Post-Vargas Military Rule
     Democracy through Today

History: General

The Tribute of Blood: Army, Honor, Race, and Nation in Brazil, 1864–1945
Peter M. Beattie
ISBN-13: 9780822327332 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822327431 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2001

The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics
Robert M. Levine, John Crocitti, editors
ISBN-13: 9780822322580 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822322900 (paper)
Duke University Press, 1999

Brazil Imagined: 1500 to the Present
Darlene J. Sadlier
ISBN-13: 9780292718562 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780292718579 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2008

Brazil: Five Centuries of Change, Second Edition
Thomas E. Skidmore
ISBN-13: 9780195374551 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2009

History: Colonial

Children of God's Fire: A Documentary History of Black Slavery in Brazil
Robert Edgar Conrad, editor author info
ISBN-13: 9780271013213 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1994

From Slavery to Freedom in Brazil: Bahia, 1835-1900
Dale Torston Graden
ISBN-13: 9780826340511 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2006

'Licentious Liberty' in a Brazilian Gold-Mining Region
Kathleen J. Higgins
ISBN-13: 9780271019109 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271032702 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1999

The Faces of Honor: Sex, Shame, and Violence in Colonial Latin America
Lyman L. Johnson, Sonya Lipsett-Rivera
ISBN-13: 9780826319067 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1998

Slaves, Subjects, and Subversives: Blacks in Colonial Latin America
Jane Landers , Barry Robinson, editors
ISBN-13: 9780826323972 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2006

Native Brazil: Beyond the Convert and the Cannibal, 1500-1900
Hal Langfur, editor
ISBN-13: 9780826338419 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2014

Family and Frontier in Colonial Brazil: Santana de Parnaíba, 1580-1822
Alida C. Metcalf
ISBN-13: 9780292706521 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2005

Go-Betweens and the Colonization of Brazil: 1500-1600
Alida C. Metcalf
ISBN-13: 9780292712768 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2005

Way of Death: Merchant Capitalism and the Angolan Slave Trade
Joseph C. Miller author info
ISBN-13: 9780299115609 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780299115630
University of Wisconsin Press, 1988

Beyond Black and Red: African-Native Relations in Colonial Latin America
Matthew Restall, editor
ISBN-13: 9780826324023 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826324030 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2005

Slavery, Freedom, and Abolition in Latin America and the Atlantic World
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
ISBN-13: 9780826339041 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2011

Early Brazil: A Documentary Collection to 1700
Stuart B. Schwartz
ISBN-13: 9780521198332 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521124539 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2009

Hans Staden?s True History: An Account of Cannibal Captivity in Brazil
Hans Staden, Neil L. Whitehead and Michael Harbsmeier, translators
ISBN-13: 9780822342137 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822342311 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2008

History: Independent Empire

Dutra's World: Wealth and Family in Nineteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro
Zephyr Frank
ISBN-13: 9780826334114 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2004

A Confluence of Transatlantic Networks: Elites, Capitalism, and Confederate Migration to Brazil
Laura Jarnagin
ISBN-13: 9780817316242 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780817357788 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780817380403
University of Alabama Press, 2008

History: Early Republic and Vargas Dictatorship

Heroes on Horseback: A Life and Times of the Last Gaucho Caudillos
John Charles Chasteen
ISBN-13: 9780826315984 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1995

The Formation of Souls: Imagery of the Republic in Brazil
José Murilo de Carvalho, Clifford E. Landers, translator
ISBN-13: 9780268035266 (paper)
University of Notre Dame Press, 2012

Stringing Together a Nation: Cândido Mariano da Silva Rondon and the Construction of a Modern Brazil, 1906–1930
Todd A. Diacon
ISBN-13: 9780822332107 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822332497 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2004

Anarchists and Communists in Brazil, 1900-1935
John Dulles
ISBN-13: 9780292740761 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1973

Carlos Lacerda, Brazilian Crusader, Volume I: The Years 1914-1960
John W. F. Dulles
ISBN-13: 9780292723733 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1991

Sobral Pinto, “The Conscience of Brazil”: Leading the Attack against Vargas (1930-1945)
John W. F. Dulles
ISBN-13: 9780292726291 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2002

In Search of the Amazon: Brazil, the United States, and the Nature of a Region
Seth Garfield
ISBN-13: 9780822355717 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822355854 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2013

“Civilizing” Rio: Reform and Resistance in a Brazilian City, 1889–1930
Teresa Meade author info
ISBN-13: 9780271016078 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271028705 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1996

Tracks in the Amazon: The Day-to-Day Life of the Workers on the Madeira-Mamoré Railroad
Gary Neeleman, Rose Neeleman
ISBN-13: 9781607812753 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781607812760
University of Utah Press, 2013

Politics in Brazil 1930-1964: An Experiment in Democracy, 40 Anniversary Edition
Thomas E. Skidmore
ISBN-13: 9780195332698 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2007

The Seduction of Brazil: The Americanization of Brazil during World War II
Antonio Pedro Tota, Lorena B. Ellis, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292723528 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2009

The Seed Was Planted: The São Paulo Roots of Brazil’s Rural Labor Movement, 1924–1964
Cliff Welch
ISBN-13: 9780271017884 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271017891 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1998

Culture Wars in Brazil: The First Vargas Regime, 1930–1945
Daryle Williams
ISBN-13: 9780822327080 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822327196 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2001

A Place in Politics: São Paulo, Brazil, from Seigneurial Republicanism to Regionalist Revolt
James Woodard
ISBN-13: 9780822343462 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822343295 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2009

History: Post-Vargas Military Rule

Torture in Brazil: A Shocking Report on the Pervasive Use of Torture by Brazilian Military Governments, 1964-1979, Secretly Prepared by the Archiodese of São Paulo
Archdiocese of São Paulo, Jaime Wright, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292704848 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1998

Hotel Trópico: Brazil and the Challenge of African Decolonization, 1950–1980
Jerry Dávila
ISBN-13: 9780822348672 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822348559 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

Carlos Lacerda, Brazilian Crusader, Volume II: The Years 1960-1977
John W. F. Dulles
ISBN-13: 9780292726567 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1996

Resisting Brazil's Military Regime: An Account of the Battles of Sobral Pinto
John W. F. Dulles
ISBN-13: 9780292726024 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2007

We Cannot Remain Silent: Opposition to the Brazilian Military Dictatorship in the United States
James Green
ISBN-13: 9780822347170 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822347354 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

Speaking of Flowers: Student Movements and the Making and Remembering of 1968 in Military Brazil
Victoria Langland
ISBN-13: 9780822352983 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822353126 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2013

Requiem for Revolution: The United States and Brazil, 1961-1969
Ruth Leacock
ISBN-13: 9780873384018 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780873384025 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781612770321
Kent State University Press, 1990

Brazil and the Quiet Intervention, 1964
Phyllis R. Parker
ISBN-13: 9780292729506 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1979

The Unpast: Elite Violence and Social Control in Brazil, 1954–2000
R.S. Rose
ISBN-13: 9780896802438 (paper)
Ohio University Press, 2005

A Mother?s Cry: A Memoir of Politics, Prison, and Torture under the Brazilian Military Dictatorship
Lina Sattamini, James Green, editor; Rex P. Nielson, translator
ISBN-13: 9780822347187 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822347361 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

History: Democracy through Today

Bounded Missions: Military Regimes and Democratization in the Southern Cone and Brazil
Craig L. Arceneaux author info
ISBN-13: 9780271021034 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271021041 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2001

Collective Action and Radicalism in Brazil: Women, Urban Housing and Rural Movements
Michel Duquette, Maurillo de Lima Galdino, Chairman Levy
ISBN-13: 9780802039071 (cloth)
University of Toronto Press, 2005

The Political Right in Postauthoritarian Brazil: Elites, Institutions, and Democratization
Timothy J. Power
ISBN-13: 9780271020099 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271020105 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2000

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The Optic of the State: Visuality and Power in Argentina and Brazil
Jens Andermann
ISBN-13: 9780822959724 (paper)
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2007

Zero Hunger: Political Culture and Antipoverty Policy in Northeast Brazil
Aaron Ansell
ISBN-13: 9781469613970 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2014

Lessons from Latin America: Innovations in Politics, Culture, and Development
Felipe Arocena, Kirk Bowman
ISBN-13: 9781442609471 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781442605497 (paper)
University of Toronto Press, August 2014

Bootstrapping Democracy: Transforming Local Governance and Civil Society in Brazil
Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Patrick Heller, Marcelo K. Silva
ISBN-13: 9780804760553 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780804760560 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780804777797
Stanford University Press, 2011

Insurgent Citizenship: Disjunctions of Democracy and Modernity in Brazil
James Holston
ISBN-13: 9780691142906 (paper)
Princeton University Press, 2009

Democratic Brazil Revisited
Peter Kingstone, Timothy Power
ISBN-13: 9780822943549 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822960041 (paper)
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008

Hard Times in the Marvelous City: From Dictatorship to Democracy in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro
Bryan McCann
ISBN-13: 9780822355236 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822355380 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2014

Land, Protest, and Politics: The Landless Movement and the Struggle for Agrarian Reform in Brazil
Gabriel Ondetti
ISBN-13: 9780271033532 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271033549 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2008

Corruption and Democracy in Brazil: The Struggle for Accountability
Timothy J. Power, Matthew M. Taylor, editors
ISBN-13: 9780268038946 (paper)
University of Notre Dame Press, 2011

Participatory Budgeting in Brazil: Contestation, Cooperation, and Accountability
Brian Wampler
ISBN-13: 9780271032528 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271032535 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2007

This Land Is Ours Now: Social Mobilization and the Meanings of Land in Brazil
Wendy Wolford
ISBN-13: 9780822345220 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822345398 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

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Economy and Development

Taking the Wheel: Auto Parts Firms and the Political Economy of Industrialization in Brazil
Caren Addis
ISBN-13: 9780271018140 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271018157 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1999

Globalization and Food Sovereignty: Global and Local Change in the New Politics of Food
Peter Andrée, Jeffrey Ayres, Michael J. Bosia, and Marie-Josée Massicotte, editors
ISBN-13: 9781442643758 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781442612280 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781442696877
University of Toronto Press, 2014

Solidarity Transformed: Labor Responses to Globalization and Crisis in Latin America
Mark S. Anner
ISBN-13: 9780801449598 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801476730 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2011

Laws of Chance: Brazil’s Clandestine Lottery and the Making of Urban Public Life
Amy Chazkel
ISBN-13: 9780822349730 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822349884 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2011

Contemporary Urbanism in Brazil: Beyond Brasília
Vicente del Rio, William Siembieda, editors
ISBN-13: 9780813035369 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 2009

Drowning in Laws: Labor Law and Brazilian Political Culture
John D. French
ISBN-13: 9780807828571 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807855270 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2004

Feeding the City: From Street Market to Liberal Reform in Salvador, Brazil, 1780–1860
Richard Graham
ISBN-13: 9780292722996 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780292723269 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2010

Brazilians Working with Americans/Brasileiros que trabalham com americanos
Orlando R. Kelm, Mary E. Risner
ISBN-13: 9780292714731 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2006

Hidden Heads of Households: Child Labor in Urban Northeast Brazil
Mary Lorena Kenny
ISBN-13: 9781442600843 (paper)
University of Toronto Press, 2007

Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: A Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada?
William Kerr, James Gaisford, editors
ISBN-13: 9781552381571 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781552384619
University of Calgary Press, 2005

Crafting Coalitions for Reform: Business Preferences, Political Institutions, and Neoliberal Reform in Brazil
Peter R. Kingstone author info
ISBN-13: 9780271019383 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271019390 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1999

Globalizing in Hard Times: The Politics of Banking-Sector Opening in the Emerging World
Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
ISBN-13: 9780801447556 (cloth)
Cornell University Press, 2009

Shifting States in Global Markets: Subnational Industrial Policy in Contemporary Brazil and Spain
Alfred P. Montero
ISBN-13: 9780271021898 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271025292 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2002

Consumption Intensified: The Politics of Middle-Class Daily Life in Brazil
Maureen O?Dougherty
ISBN-13: 9780822328797 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822328940 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2002

Intimate Ironies: Modernity and the Making of Middle-Class Lives in Brazil
Brian P. Owensby
ISBN-13: 9780804733601 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780804743402 (paper)
Stanford University Press, 1999

Race, Place, and Medicine: The Idea of the Tropics in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
Julyan G. Peard
ISBN-13: 9780822323761 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822323976 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2000

Black Women against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil
Keisha-Khan Y. Perry
ISBN-13: 9780816683239 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780816683246 (paper)
University of Minnesota Press, 2013

Brazil: The Troubled Rise of a Global Power
Michael Reid
ISBN-13: 9780300165609 (cloth)
Yale University Press, 2014

Social Movements and Free-Market Capitalism in Latin America: Telecommunications Privatization and the Rise of Consumer Protest
Sybil Rhodes
ISBN-13: 9780791465974 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791465981 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780791482582
State University of New York Press, 2005

The Deepest Wounds: A Labor and Environmental History of Sugar in Northeast Brazil
Thomas D. Rogers
ISBN-13: 9780807871676 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2010

A Space for Science: The Development of the Scientific Community in Brazil
Simon Schwartzman author info
ISBN-13: 9780271007403 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271026688 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1991

Ideas and Institutions: Developmentalism in Brazil and Argentina
Kathryn Sikkink
ISBN-13: 9780801478673 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 1991

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Environment and Conservation

The Colonization of the Amazon
Anna Luiza Ozorio de Almeida
ISBN-13: 9780292755987 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1992

Implementation of Environmental Policies in Developing Countries: A Case of Protected Areas and Tourism in Brazil
José Antonio Puppim de Oliveira
ISBN-13: 9780791473252 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791473269 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 2008

Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: The Pantanal and Cerrado of Central Brazil
John A. Gwynne, Robert S. Ridgely, Guy Tudor, Martha Argel
ISBN-13: 9780801476464 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2010

Greening Brazil: Environmental Activism in State and Society
Kathryn Hochstetle, Margaret E. Keck
ISBN-13: 9780822340485 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822340317 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2007

The Cerrados of Brazil: Ecology and Natural History of a Neotropical Savanna
Paulo S. Oliveira, Robert J. Marquis, editors
ISBN-13: 9780231120425 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231120432 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 2002

Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes: Struggle for Justice in the Amazon
Gomercindo Rodrigues, Linda Rabben, editor and translator
ISBN-13: 9780292717060 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2007

Global Environmentalism and Local Politics: Transnational Advocacy Networks in Brazil, Ecuador, and India
Maria Guadalupe Moog Rodrigues
ISBN-13: 9780791458785 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780791486177
State University of New York Press, 2003

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People and Society

     Gender and Sexuality
     Race and Ethnicity
     Indigenous Brazil

People and Society: General

Living in the Crossfire: Favela Residents, Drug Dealers, and Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro
Maria Helena Moreira Alves, Philip Evanson
ISBN-13: 9781439900031 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781439900048 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439900055
Temple University Press, 2011

Almost Home: A Brazilian American's Reflections on Faith, Culture, and Immigration
H.B. Cavalcanti author info
ISBN-13: 9780299288945 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780299288938
University of Wisconsin Press, 2012

Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil
Alexander Edmonds
ISBN-13: 9780822347859 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822348016 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

Temples of the Earthbound Gods: Stadiums in the Cultural Landscapes of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires
Christopher Thomas Gaffney
ISBN-13: 9780292721654 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2008

The Everyday Atlantic: Time, Knowledge, and Subjectivity in the Twentieth-Century Iberian and Latin American Newspaper Chronicle
Tania Gentic
ISBN-13: 9781438448596 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781438448589 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781438448602
State University of New York Press, 2013

Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence, and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown, With a New Preface
Donna Goldstein
ISBN-13: 9780520276048 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520955417
University of California Press, 2013

Global Gangs: Street Violence across the World
Jennifer M. Hazen, Dennis Rodgers, editors
ISBN-13: 9780816691470 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780816691494 (paper)
University of Minnesota Press, August 2014

The Country of Football: Soccer and the Making of Modern Brazil
Roger Kittleson
ISBN-13: 9780520279087 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520279094 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520958258
University of California Press, 2014

The Life and Death of Carolina Maria de Jesus
Robert Levine, José Carlos Sebe Bom Meihy
ISBN-13: 9780826316486 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1995

Goodbye, Brazil: Émigrés from the Land of Soccer and Samba
Maxine L. Margolis author info
ISBN-13: 9780299293048 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780299293031
University of Wisconsin Press, 2013

Communicating with Brazilians: When "Yes" Means "No"
Tracy Novinger, Donald Haughey, illustrator
ISBN-13: 9780292702875 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2004

Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro
Janice Perlman
ISBN-13: 9780195368369 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780199836833 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2010

Alcohol in Latin America: A Social and Cultural History
Gretchen Pierce, Áurea Toxqui, editors
ISBN-13: 9780816530762 (cloth)
University of Arizona Press, 2014

Death Is a Festival: Funeral Rites and Rebellion in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
João José Reis, H. Sabrina Gledhill, translator
ISBN-13: 9780807854457 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2003

The Brazilian People: The Formation and Meaning of Brazil
Darcy Ribeiro
ISBN-13: 9780813017778 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2000

First Freire: Early Writings in Social Justice Education
Carlos Alberto Torres
ISBN-13: 9780807755341 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807755334 (paper)
Teachers College Press, 2014

People and Society: Gender and Sexuality

In Defense of Honor: Sexual Morality, Modernity, and Nation in Early-Twentieth-Century Brazil
Sueann Caulfield
ISBN-13: 9780822323778 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822323983 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2000

Queering the Public Sphere in Mexico and Brazil: Sexual Rights Movements in Emerging Democracies
Rafael de la Dehesa
ISBN-13: 9780822347071 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822347248 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

Lucia: Testimonies of a Brazilian Drug Dealer's Woman
Robert Gay
ISBN-13: 9781592133383 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781592133390 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781592133406
Temple University Press, 2005

Radical Women in Latin America: Left and Right
Victoria González-Rivera, Karen Kampwirth, editors
ISBN-13: 9780271021003 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271021010 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2001

Beyond Carnival: Male Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Brazil
James N. Green
ISBN-13: 9780226306384 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226306391 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, 2000

The City of Women
Ruth Landes
ISBN-13: 9780826315564 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1994

Sustaining Activism: A Brazilian Women's Movement and a Father-Daughter Collaboration
Jeffrey W. Rubin, Emma Sokoloff-Rubin
ISBN-13: 9780822354062 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822354215 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2013

Taking Risks: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas
Julie Shayne, editor author info
ISBN-13: 9781438452456 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781438452470
State University of New York Press, 2014

Oshun's Daughters: The Search for Womanhood in the Americas
Vanessa K. Valdés author info
ISBN-13: 9781438450438 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781438450445
State University of New York Press, 2013

People and Society: Race and Ethnicity

Afro-Brazilians: Cultural Production in a Racial Democracy
Niyi Afolabi
ISBN-13: 9781580462624 (cloth)
University of Rochester Press, 2009

Blacks and Whites in São Paulo, Brazil 1888–1988
George Reid Andrews author info
ISBN-13: 9780299131043 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1991

Legacies of Race: Identities, Attitudes, and Politics in Brazil
Stanley R. Bailey
ISBN-13: 9780804762779 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780804762786 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780804776264
Stanford University Press, 2009

The Vigorous Core of Our Nationality: Race and Regional Identity in Northeastern Brazil
Stanley Blake
ISBN-13: 9780822961338 (paper)
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011

Race and Multiraciality in Brazil and the United States: Converging Paths?
G. Reginald Daniel author info
ISBN-13: 9780271028835 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271032887 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2006

Diploma of Whiteness: Race and Social Policy in Brazil, 1917–1945
Jerry Dávila
ISBN-13: 9780822330585 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822330707 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2003

In Light of Africa: Globalizing Blackness in Northeast Brazil
Allan Charles Dawson
ISBN-13: 9781442649316 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781442626690 (paper)
University of Toronto Press, October 2014

Neither Black Nor White: Slavery and Race Relations in Brazil and the United States
Carl Degler
ISBN-10: 0299109143 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780299109141 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1986

Legalizing Identities: Becoming Black or Indian in Brazil’s Northeast
Jan Hoffman French
ISBN-13: 9780807859513 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2009

African-American Reflections on Brazil's Racial Paradise
David J. Hellwig, editor
ISBN-13: 9780877228929 (cloth)
Temple University Press, 1992

Another Arabesque: Syrian-Lebanese Ethnicity in Neoliberal Brazil
John Tofik Karam
ISBN-13: 9781592135394 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781592135400 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781592135417
Temple University Press, 2006

Blacks of the Rosary: Memory and History in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Elizabeth W. Kiddy
ISBN-13: 9780271026930 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271026947 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2005

A Discontented Diaspora: Japanese Brazilians and the Meanings of Ethnic Militancy, 1960–1980
Jeffrey Lesser
ISBN-13: 9780822340607 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822340812 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2007

Negotiating National Identity: Immigrants, Minorities, and the Struggle for Ethnicity in Brazil
Jeffrey Lesser
ISBN-13: 9780822322603 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822322924 (paper)
Duke University Press, 1999

Searching for Home Abroad: Japanese Brazilians and Transnationalism
Jeffrey Lesser, editor
ISBN-13: 9780822331124 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822331483 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2003

The Sorcery of Color: Identity, Race, and Gender in Brazil
Elisa Larkin Nascimento
ISBN-13: 9781592133505 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781592133512 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781592133529
Temple University Press, 2006

Mama Africa: Reinventing Blackness in Bahia
Patricia de Santana Pinho
ISBN-13: 9780822346548 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822346463 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

Race in Contemporary Brazil: From Indifference to Inequality
Rebecca Reichmann, editor author info
ISBN-13: 9780271019055 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271019062 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1999

Brazil's Living Museum: Race, Reform, and Tradition in Bahia
Anadelia A. Romo
ISBN-13: 9780807871157 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2010

"The Hour of Eugenics": Race, Gender, and Nation in Latin America
Nancy Leys Stepan
ISBN-13: 9780801497957 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 1996

Race in Another America: The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil
Edward E. Telles
ISBN-13: 9780691127927 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781400837434
Princeton University Press, 2006

People and Society: Indigenous Brazil

The Last Cannibals: A South American Oral History
Ellen B. Basso
ISBN-13: 9780292708198 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1995

The Wanano Indians of the Brazilian Amazon: A Sense of Space
Janet M. Chernela
ISBN-13: 9780292711860 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1996

Indigenous Struggle at the Heart of Brazil: State Policy, Frontier Expansion, and the Xavante Indians, 1937–1988
Seth Garfield
ISBN-13: 9780822326618 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822326656 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2001

Knowing the Day, Knowing the World: Engaging Amerindian Thought in Public Archaeology
Lesley J. F. Green, David R. Green
ISBN-13: 9780816530373 (cloth)
University of Arizona Press, 2013

Native and National in Brazil: Indigeneity after Independence
Tracy Devine Guzmán
ISBN-13: 9781469602097 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2013

Brazil's Indians and the Onslaught of Civilization: The Yanomami and the Kayapo
Linda Rabben
ISBN-13: 9780295983622 (paper)
University of Washington Press, 2003

Indigenism: Ethnic Politics in Brazil
Alcida Rita Ramos
ISBN-13: 9780299160401 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780299160449 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1998

Sanumá Memories: Yanomami Ethnography in Times of Crisis
Alcida Rita Ramos
ISBN-13: 9780299146504 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780299146542 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1995

Racial Revolutions: Antiracism and Indian Resurgence in Brazil
Jonathan W. Warren
ISBN-13: 9780822327318 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822327417 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2001

Anthropologies of Guayana: Cultural Spaces in Northeastern Amazonia
Neil L. Whitehead, Stephanie W. Alemán, editors
ISBN-13: 9780816526079 (cloth)
University of Arizona Press, 2009

People and Society: Religion

Passion, Memory and Identity: Twentieth-Century Latin American Jewish Women Writers
Marjorie Agosín
ISBN-13: 9780826320490 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1999

The African Religions of Brazil: Toward a Sociology of the Interpenetration of Civilizations
Roger Bastide, Helen Sebba, translator
ISBN-13: 9780801886249 (paper)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007

Searching for Africa in Brazil: Power and Tradition in Candomblé
Stefania Capone, Stefania Capone Laffitte
ISBN-13: 9780822346258 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822346364 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2010

People of Faith: Slavery and African Catholics in Eighteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro
Mariza de Carvalho Soares, Jerry Dennis Metz, translator
ISBN-13: 9780822350231 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822350408 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2011

The Devil and the Land of the Holy Cross: Witchcraft, Slavery, and Popular Religion in Colonial Brazil
Laura de Mello e Souza, Diane Grosklaus Whitty, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292702363 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2004

Secrecy and Deceit: The Religion of the Crypto-Jews
David Gitlitz
ISBN-13: 9780826328137 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1996

Hearing the Mermaid's Song: The Umbanda Religion in Rio de Janeiro
Lindsay Hale
ISBN-13: 9780826347336 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2009

Spirits and Scientists: Ideology, Spiritism, and Brazilian Culture
David J. Hess
ISBN-13: 9780271007243 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271033679 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1991

Spiritual Currency in Northeast Brazil
Lindsey King
ISBN-13: 9780826355317 (cloth)
University of New Mexico Press, December 2014

Rethinking Jewish-Latin Americans
Jeffrey Lesser, Raanan Rein, editors
ISBN-13: 9780826344014 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2008

Coping with Poverty: Pentecostals and Christian Base Communities in Brazil
Cecília Loreto Mariz
ISBN-13: 9781566391139 (paper)
Temple University Press, 1994

Amazons, Wives, Nuns, and Witches: Women and the Catholic Church in Colonial Brazil, 1500-1822
Carole A. Myscofski
ISBN-13: 9780292748538 (cloth)
University of Texas Press, 2013

The Black Madonna in Latin America and Europe: Tradition and Transformation
Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba
ISBN-13: 9780826341037 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 2009

Òrìsà Devotion as World Religion: The Globalization of Yorùbá Religious Culture
Jacob K. Olupona, Terry Rey, editors author info
ISBN-13: 9780299224646 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 2008

The Formation of Candomblé: Vodun History and Ritual in Brazil
Luis Nicolau Parés, Richard Vernon and Luis Nicolau Parés, translators
ISBN-13: 9780807833117 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781469610924 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2013

From Fanatics to Folk: Brazilian Millenarianism and Popular Culture
Patricia R. Pessar
ISBN-13: 9780822332756 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822332640 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2004

Eat Smart in Brazil: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure, Second Edition
Brook Soltvedt, editor
ISBN-13: 9780964116894 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 2006

Sacred Leaves of Candomblé: African Magic, Medicine, and Religion in Brazil
Robert A. Voeks
ISBN-13: 9780292787315 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1997

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Arts and Culture

     Film, Theater, and Performing Arts
     Visual Art

Arts and Culture: Music

Brazilian Popular Music and Citizenship
Idelber Avelar, Christopher Dunn
ISBN-13: 9780822348849 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822349068 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2011

The Color of Sound: Race, Religion, and Music in Brazil
John Burdick
ISBN-13: 9780814709221 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814709238 (paper)
New York University Press, 2013

White Face, Black Mask: Africaneity and the Early Social History of Popular Music in Brazil
Darien J. Davis
ISBN-13: 9780870138348 (paper)
Michigan State University Press, 2009

River of Tears: Country Music, Memory, and Modernity in Brazil
Alexander Dent
ISBN-13: 9780822345206 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822345374 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2009

Making Samba: A New History of Race and Music in Brazil
Marc A. Hertzman
ISBN-13: 9780822354154 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822354307 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2013

Hello, Hello Brazil: Popular Music in the Making of Modern Brazil
Bryan McCann
ISBN-13: 9780822332848 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822332732 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2004

The Brazilian Sound: Samba, Bossa Nova, and the Popular Music of Brazil, Revised and Expanded Edition
Chris McGowan, Ricardo Pessanha
ISBN-13: 9781592139286 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781592139293 (paper)
Temple University Press, 2008

Contemporary Carioca: Technologies of Mixing in a Brazilian Music Scene
Frederick Moehn
ISBN-13: 9780822351412 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822351559 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2012

Music in Brazil: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture
John P. Murphy
ISBN-13: 9780195166842 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2006

Arts and Culture: Film, Theater, and Performing Arts

Tentative Transgressions: Homosexuality, AIDS, and the Theater in Brazil
Severino J. Albuquerque author info
ISBN-13: 9780299189242 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780299189235
University of Wisconsin Press, 2003

Popular cinema in Brazil
Stephanie Dennison, Lisa Shaw
ISBN-13: 9780719064999 (paper)
Manchester University Press, 2004

Gender and Society in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema
David William Foster
ISBN-13: 9780292725102 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1999

Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism
Richard A. Gordon
ISBN-13: 9780292760974 (cloth)
University of Texas Press, January 2015

Latin American Women On/In Stages
Margo Milleret
ISBN-13: 9780791462218 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791462225 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780791484418
State University of New York Press, 2004

Tropical Multiculturalism: A Comparative History of Race in Brazilian Cinema and Culture
Robert Stam
ISBN-13: 9780822320357 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822320487 (paper)
Duke University Press, 1997

The Hidden History of Capoeira: A Collision of Cultures in the Brazilian Battle Dance
Maya Talmon-Chvaicer
ISBN-13: 9780292717244 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2007

Arts and Culture: Visual Art

Memory’s Turn: Reckoning with Dictatorship in Brazil
Rebecca J. Atencio author info
ISBN-13: 9780299297244 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780299297237
University of Wisconsin Press, 2014

Waltercio Caldas
Blanton Museum of Art
ISBN-13: 9780292753112 (cloth)
University of Texas Press, 2013

Brazilian Art under Dictatorship: Antonio Manuel, Artur Barrio, and Cildo Meireles
Claudia Calirman
ISBN-13: 9780822351399 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822351535 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2012

Black Art in Brazil: Expressions of Identity
Kimberly L. Cleveland
ISBN-13: 9780813044767 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2013

Errant Modernism: The Ethos of Photography in Mexico and Brazil
Esther Gabara
ISBN-13: 9780822343400 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822343233 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2008

The Brazilian Photographs of Genevieve Naylor, 1940-1942
Robert M. Levine
ISBN-13: 9780822321606 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822321897 (paper)
Duke University Press, 1998

Black Milk: Imagining Slavery in the Visual Cultures of Brazil and America
Marcus Wood
ISBN-13: 9780199274574 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2013

Arts and Culture: Architecture

Lina Bo Bardi
Zeuler R. M. de A. Lima
ISBN-13: 9780300154269 (cloth)
Yale University Press, 2013

The Rise of Popular Modernist Architecture in Brazil
Fernando Luiz Lara
ISBN-13: 9780813032894 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2008

Arts and Culture: Literature

Whatever Happened to Dulce Veiga? A B-Novel
Caio Fernando Abreu, Adria Frizzi, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292705012 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2001

Waiting for Rain: The Politics and Poetry of Drought in Northeast Brazil
Nicholas Gabriel Arons
ISBN-13: 9780816524334 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780816523306 (paper)
University of Arizona Press, 2004

Yiddish South of the Border: An Anthology of Latin American Yiddish Writing
Alan Astro, editor
ISBN-13: 9780826323484 (cloth)
University of New Mexico Press, 2003

Who if I Cry Out
Gustavo Corção, Clotilde Wilson, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292712522 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1967

Machado de Assis: Multiracial Identity and the Brazilian Novelist
G. Reginald Daniel author info
ISBN-13: 9780271052465 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780271052472 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 2012

Senhora: Profile of a Woman
José de Alencar
ISBN-13: 9780292704503 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1994

The Devil's Church and Other Stories
Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Jack Schmitt and Lorie Ishimatsu, translators
ISBN-13: 9780292715424 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1977

The Three Marias
Rachel de Queiroz
ISBN-13: 9780292780798 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1963

Hilda Hurricane: A Novel
Roberto Drummond, Peter Vaudry-Brown, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292721906 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780292721913 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2010

Linking the Americas: Race, Hybrid Discourses, and the Reformulation of Feminine Identity
Lesley Feracho
ISBN-13: 9780791464038 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791464045 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780791483503
State University of New York Press, 2005

Folklore and Literature: Studies in the Portuguese, Brazilian, Sephardic, and Hispanic Oral Traditions
Manuel da Costa Fontes author info
ISBN-13: 9780791444917 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791444924 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 2000

Family Ties
Clarice Lispector, Giovanni Pontiero, translator
ISBN-13: 9780292724488 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1984

The Carnivalesque Defunto: Death and the Dead in Modern Brazilian Literature
Robert H. Moser
ISBN-13: 9780896802582 (paper)
Ohio University Press, 2008

Seven Faces: Brazilian Poetry Since Modernism
Charles A. Perrone
ISBN-13: 9780822318071 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822318149 (paper)
Duke University Press, 1996

Barren Lives
Graciliano Ramos
ISBN-13: 9780292701335 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1965

The Prophet and Other Stories
Samuel Rawet, Nelson Vieira, translator
ISBN-13: 9780826319524 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1998

First World Third Class and Other Tales of the Global Mix
Regina Rheda
ISBN-13: 9780292706996 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2005

The Collected Stories of Moacyr Scliar
Moacyr Scliar, Eloah Giacomelli, translator
ISBN-13: 9780826319111 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826319128 (paper)
University of New Mexico Press, 1999

Village of the Ghost Bells: Village of the Ghost Bells
Edla Van Steen
ISBN-13: 9780292730632 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1991

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Portuguese: A Reference Manual
Sheila R. Ackerlind, Rebecca Jones-Kellogg
ISBN-13: 9780292726635 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780292726734 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2011

Calunga and the Legacy of an African Language in Brazil
Steven Byrd
ISBN-13: 9780826350862 (cloth)
University of New Mexico Press, 2012

A Dictionary of Informal Brazilian Portuguese with English Index
Bobby John Chamberlain, Ronald M. Harmon, editors
ISBN-13: 9780878403448 (paper)
Georgetown University Press, 2003

Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil
Ronice Müller de Quadros, Earl Fleetwood, Melanie Metzger, editors
ISBN-13: 9781563685439 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781563685446
Gallaudet University Press, 2013

Working Portuguese for Beginners
Monica Rector, Regina Santos, Marcelo Amorim
ISBN-13: 9781589016385 (paper)
Georgetown University Press, 2010

Pois não: Brazilian Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers, with Basic Reference Grammar
Antônio Roberto Monteiro Simões
ISBN-13: 9780292717817 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2008

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Luso-Brazilian Review
Severino J. Albuquerque, Peter M. Beattie, Luís Madureira, Kathryn Sanchez, editors author info
E-ISSN: 15489957
ISSN: 00247413
University of Wisconsin Press,

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