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September 11, 2001

After September 11
     International and Foreign Policy Responses
     US Politics After 9/11
     Critiquing the "War on Terror"
     Civil Liberties and National Security
     Arab and Muslim Americans After 9/11
     Historical Perspectives After 9/11
     First Responders, Victims, Survivors
     Commemorative and Cultural Responses
     Religion and Moral Philosophy After 9/11
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     Al Qaeda and Bin Laden
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The Middle East and Islamic States
     Afghanistan & the Taliban
     Israel and Palestine
     Pakistan and Central Asia
     Iran and Iraq
     Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States
     Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey
     North and West Africa
     Southeast Asia
     The Gulf War
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The Middle East and Islamic States

     The Gulf War
     Afghanistan & the Taliban
     Israel and Palestine
     Pakistan and Central Asia
     Iran and Iraq
     Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States
     Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey
     North and West Africa
     Southeast Asia

The Middle East and Islamic States: General

The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became a Global War on Tribal Islam
Akbar Ahmed
ISBN-13: 9780815723790 (cloth)
Brookings Institution Press, 2013

The Arab Predicament: Arab Political Thought and Practice since 1967, 2nd Edition
Foaud Ajami
ISBN-13: 9780521432436 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521438339 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 1992

Water in the Middle East: A Geography of Peace
Hussein A. Amery, Aaron T. Wolf
ISBN-10: 0292704941 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 029270495X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780292704954 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2000

Dialogues in Arab Politics: Negotiations in Regional Order
Michael Barnett
ISBN-10: 0231109180 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0231109199 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780231109185 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231109192 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 1998

Workers and Peasants in the Modern Middle East
Joel Beinin
ISBN-13: 9780521621212 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521629034 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2001

Turmoil in the Middle East: Imperialism, War, and Political Instability
Berch Berberoglu
ISBN-10: 0791444112 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0791444120 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780791444115 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791444122 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 1999

Ethnic Conflict and International Politics in the Middle East
Leonard Binder
ISBN-10: 0813016878 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813016870 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 1999

Allies Divided: Transatlantic Policies for the Greater Middle East
Robert D. Blackwill, Michael Sturmer, editors
ISBN-10: 0262522446 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780262522441 (paper)
MIT Press, 1997

The Middle East Military Balance, 1999-2000
Shlomo Brom, Yiftah Shapir, editors
ISBN-10: 0262024780 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262024785 (cloth)
MIT Press, 1999

The Middle East Military Balance, 2001–2002
Shlomo Brom, Yiftah Shapir
ISBN-10: 0262062313 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262062312 (cloth)
MIT Press, 2002

Imperial Legacy: The Ottoman Imprint on the Balkans and the Middle East
L. Carl Brown
ISBN-10: 0231103042 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0231103050 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780231103046 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231103053 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 1996

Orientalism and Islam: European Thinkers on Oriental Despotism in the Middle East and India
Michael Curtis
ISBN-13: 9780521767255 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521749619 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2009

Statecraft in the Middle East: Oil, Historical Memory, and Popular Culture
Eric Davis, Nicolas Gavrielides
ISBN-10: 0813010586 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813010588 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 1991

Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: From Triumph to Despair
Adeed Dawisha
ISBN-10: 0691102732 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0691122725 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780691102733 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780691122724 (paper)
Princeton University Press, 2002

Russia’s Muslim Frontiers
Dale F. Eickelman
ISBN-10: 9780253208231 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780253208231 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 1993

A Blood-Dimmed Tide: Dispatches from the Middle East
Amos Elon
ISBN-10: 0231107439 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780231107433 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 1997

Modernity and Culture from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, 1890–1920
Leila Fawaz, C. A. Bayly, editors
ISBN-10: 0231114265 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231114271 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 2001

The Middle East Military Balance, 2000-2001
Shai Feldman, Yiftah Shapir, editors
ISBN-10: 0262062194 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262062190 (cloth)
MIT Press, 2001

Children in the Muslim Middle East
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
ISBN-10: 0292711336 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780292724907 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1995

Middle Eastern Muslim Women Speak
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, Basima Qattan Bezirgan
ISBN-10: 0292750331 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1977

The Middle East and the Peace Process: The Impact of the Oslo Accords
Robert O. Freedman
ISBN-10: 0813015545 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813015545 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 1998

Democracy, War, and Peace in the Middle East
David Garnham, Mark Tessler
ISBN-10: 0253209390 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780253209399 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 1995

Rethinking Nationalism in the Arab Middle East
Israel Gershoni, James Jankowski, editors
ISBN-10: 0231106947 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0231106955 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780231106948 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231106955 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 1997

Rules and Rights in the Middle East: Democracy, Law, and Society
Ellis Goldberg, Resat Kasaba, Joel S. Migdal, editors
ISBN-10: 0295972874 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780295972879 (paper)
University of Washington Press, 1993

The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament
Wael B. Hallaq
ISBN-13: 9780231162562 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231162579 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 2012

The Middle East in International Relations: Power, Politics and Ideology
Fred Halliday
ISBN-10: 0521597412 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521597418 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2005

Temptations of Power: Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a New Middle East
Shadi Hamid
ISBN-13: 9780199314058 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2014

The Mediterranean Debt Crescent: Money and Power in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey
Clement M. Henry
ISBN-10: 0813013801 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813013800 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 1996

Globalization and the Politics of Development in the Middle East
Clement M. Henry , Robert Springborg
ISBN-13: 9780521623124 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521626316 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2001

War, Institutions and Social Change in the Middle East
Steven Heydemann, editor
ISBN-10: 0520224221 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520224223 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520925229
University of California Press, 2000

A History of the Arab Peoples, Second Edition
Albert Hourani, Malise Ruthven
ISBN-10: 0674010175 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780674010178 (cloth)
Harvard University Press, 2003

Middle East Dilemma: The Politics and Economics of Arab Integration
Michael C. Hudson
ISBN-10: 023111138X (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0231111398 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780231111386 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231111393 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 1998

The Middle East and North Africa In World Politics: A Documentary Record, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged; Volume 2, British-French Supremacy, 1914-1945
J. Hurewitz
ISBN-10: 0300022034 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780300022032 (cloth)
Yale University Press, 1979

Middle East Politics Today: Government and Civil Society
Tareq Y. Ismael
ISBN-10: 0813020980 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813026954 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 2001

Politics and Government in the Middle East and North Africa
Tareq Y. Ismael, Jacqueline S. Ismael
ISBN-10: 0813010438 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813010624 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813010434 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813010625 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 1991

Western Representations of the Muslim Woman: From Termagant to Odalisque
Mohja Kahf
ISBN-13: 9780292743373 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1999

Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923
Efraim Karsh, Inari Karsh
ISBN-10: 0674005414 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780674005419 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 2001

Peasants and Politics in the Modern Middle East
Farhad Kazemi, John Waterbury
ISBN-10: 0813011027 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813011028 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 1999

Women in the Middle East: Past and Present
Nikki R. Keddie author info
ISBN-10: 0691128634 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780691128634 (paper)
Princeton University Press, 2006

The Middle East Remembered: Forged Identities, Competing Narratives, Contested Spaces
Jacob Lassner
ISBN-10: 0472110837 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780472110834 (cloth)
University of Michigan Press, 2000

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, 2nd Edition
Donna Lee, Evelyn A. Early
ISBN-13: 9780253214904 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 2001

The Shaping of the Modern Middle East
Bernard Lewis
ISBN-10: 0195072820 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780195072822 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 1994

Middle Eastern Women and the Invisible Economy
Richard Lobban
ISBN-10: 0813015774 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813015774 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 1998

Contending Visions of the Middle East: The History and Politics of Orientalism, 2nd Edition
Zachary Lockman
ISBN-13: 9780521115872 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521133074 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2009

Islam Through Western Eyes: From the Crusades to the War on Terrorism
Jonathan Lyons
ISBN-13: 9780231158947 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231158954 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 2012

US Relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan: The Imperial Dimension
Hafeez Malik
ISBN-13: 9780195475234 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2006

Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East, 1945-2000
Melani McAlister
ISBN-13: 9780520244993 (paper)
University of California Press, 2005

Women in the Middle East and North Africa
Guity Nashat, Judith E. Tucker
ISBN-13: 9780253212641 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 1999

North Africa: A History from Antiquity to the Present
Phillip C. Naylor
ISBN-13: 9780292722910 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2009

The Kurdish Nationalist Movement in the 1990s: Its Impact on Turkey and the Middle East
Robert Olson
ISBN-10: 0813108969 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813108964 (paper)
University Press of Kentucky, 1996

A History of Middle East Economics in the Twentieth Century
Roger Owen, Sevket Pamuk
ISBN-13: 9780674398306 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780674398313 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 1999

New Perspectives on Property and Land in the Middle East
Roger Owen, editor
ISBN-13: 9780932885265 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 2001

The Politics of Miscalculation in the Middle East
Richard B. Parker
ISBN-10: 0253207819 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780253207814 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 1993

The Tragedy of the Middle East
Barry Rubin
ISBN-13: 9780521806237 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521603874 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2004

Nationalism and Minority Identities in Islamic Societies
Maya Shatzmiller
ISBN-10: 0773528474 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0773528482 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780773528475 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780773528482 (paper)
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005

Religious Radicalism and Politics in the Middle East
Emmanuel Sivan, Menachem Friedman, editors
ISBN-10: 0791401588 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0791401596 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780791401583 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791401590 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 1990

Persian Gulf Security: Improving Allied Military Contributions
Richard Sokolsky, Stuart E. Johnson, F. Stephen Larrabee, Ian O. Lesser, John E. Peters, David A. Shlapak, Timothy Liston
ISBN-10: 083302910X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780833029102 (paper)
RAND Corporation, 2000

Two Worlds of Islam: Interaction between Southeast Asia and the Middle East
Fred R. von der Mehden
ISBN-10: 0813012082 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813012090 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813012087 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813012094 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 1993

The Arab Bureau: British Policy in the Middle East, 1916-1920
Bruce C. Westrate
ISBN-10: 0271023244 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780271023243 (paper)
Penn State University Press, 1992

The Petroleum Triangle: Oil, Globalization, and Terror
Steve A. Yetiv author info
ISBN-13: 9780801450020 (cloth)
Cornell University Press, 2011

The Middle East and Islamic States: Afghanistan & the Taliban

The Taliban Revival: Violence and Extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan Frontier
Hassan Abbas
ISBN-13: 9780300178845 (cloth)
Yale University Press, 2014

Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History
Thomas Barfield
ISBN-13: 9780691145686 (cloth)
Princeton University Press, 2010

Democracy and Islam in the New Constitution of Afghanistan
Cheryl Benard , Nina Hachigian
ISBN-10: 0833033581 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780833033581 (paper)
RAND Corporation, 2003

Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror, Politics, and Religion
Peter Bergen, Katherine Tiedemann, editors
ISBN-13: 9780199893072 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780199893096 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2013

Among the Afghans
Arthur Bonner
ISBN-10: 0822307839 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822307839 (cloth)
Duke University Press, 1987

Afghan Communism and Soviet Intervention
Henry S. Bradsher
ISBN-10: 0195795067 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 1999

Rebuilding War-Torn States: The Challenge of Post-Conflict Economic Reconstruction
Graciana del Castillo
ISBN-13: 9780199237739 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2008

Out of Afghanistan: The Inside Story of the Soviet Withdrawal
Diego Cordovez, Selig S. Harrison
ISBN-10: 0195062949 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195062946 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 1995

Doomed in Afghanistan: A U.N. Officer's Memoir of the Fall of Kabul and Najibullah's Failed Escape, 1992
Phillip Corwin
ISBN-10: 0813531713 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813531717 (cloth)
Rutgers University Press, 2003

Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad
David B. Edwards
ISBN-10: 0520228618 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520228610 (paper)
University of California Press, 2002

Heroes of the Age: Moral Fault Lines on the Afghan Frontier
David B. Edwards
ISBN-10: 0520200640 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520200647 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520916319
University of California Press, 1996

Aspiration and Ambivalence: Strategies and Realities of Counterinsurgency and State-Building in Afghanistan
Vanda Felbab-Brown
ISBN-13: 9780815724414 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780815724421
Brookings Institution Press, 2012

Terrorism, Afghanistan, and America's New Way of War
Norman Friedman author info
ISBN-10: 1591142903 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781591142904 (cloth)
Naval Institute Press, 2003

An Afghan Woman's Odyssey
Farooka Gauhari
ISBN-10: 0803271166 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780803271166 (paper)
University of Nebraska Press, 1996

Afghan Lessons: Culture, Diplomacy, and Counterinsurgency
Fernando Gentilini
ISBN-13: 9780815724230 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780815724247
Brookings Institution Press, 2013

Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World
Ashraf Ghani, Clare Lockhart
ISBN-13: 9780195342697 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195398618 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2009

War, Politics and Society in Afghanistan, 1978-1992
Antonio Giustozzi
ISBN-10: 0878407588 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780878407583 (cloth)
Georgetown University Press, 2000

The Taliban: Ascent to Power
M.J. Gohari
ISBN-10: 0195795601 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2001

The Rise of the Indo-Afghan Empire c.1710-1780
Jos J.L. Gommans
ISBN-10: 0195648056 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780195648058 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 1999

Afghanistan's Endless War: State Failure, Regional Politics, and the Rise of the Taliban
Larry P. Goodson
ISBN-10: 0295981113 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0295980508 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780295980508 (paper)
University of Washington Press, 2001

Pakistan and the Afghan Conflict: 1979-1985
Frederic Grare
ISBN-10: 0195797930 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195797930 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2003

Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982
M. Hassan Kakar
ISBN-10: 0520208935 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520208933 (paper)
University of California Press, 1995

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Conflict, Extremism, and Resistance to Modernity
Riaz Mohammad Khan
ISBN-13: 9781421403847 (cloth)
Johns Hopkins University Press and Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2011

Fundamentalism Reborn? Afghanistan and the Taliban
William Maley, editor
ISBN-10: 0814755852 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0814755860 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780814755853 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814755860 (paper)
New York University Press, 1998

Jihad, Hindutva and the Taliban: South Asia at the Crossroads
Iftikhar Malik
ISBN-10: 0195977904 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195977905 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2005

Sher Shah Suri: Fresh Perspective
Basheer Matta
ISBN-10: 019597882X (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195978827 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2005

Changing Course: Ideas, Politics, and the Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Sarah E. Mendelson
ISBN-10: 0691016771 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780691016771 (cloth)
Princeton University Press, 1998

From Power Sharing to Democracy: Post-Conflict Institutions in Ethnically Divided Societies
Sid Noel, editor
ISBN-13: 9780773529472 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780773529489 (paper)
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005

Toughing it Out in Afghanistan
Michael E. O'Hanlon, Hassina Sherjan
ISBN-13: 9780815704096 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780815704348
Brookings Institution Press, 2010

Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia
Ahmed Rashid
ISBN-10: 0300083408 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0300089023 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780300083408 (cloth)
Yale University Press, 2000

Building a New Afghanistan
Robert I. Rotberg, editor author info
ISBN-13: 9780815775690 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780815775652
Brookings Institution Press and World Peace Foundation, 2006

Islam and Resistance in Afghanistan: 2nd Edition
Olivier Roy
ISBN-10: 0521397006 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521397001 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 1990

Afghanistan from the Cold War through the War on Terror
Barnett R. Rubin
ISBN-13: 9780199791125 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2013

The Fragmentation of Afghanistan: State Formation and Collapse in the International System, Second Edition
Barnett R. Rubin
ISBN-10: 0300095198 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780300095197 (paper)
Yale University Press, 2002

The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Amin Saikal, William Maley, editors
ISBN-10: 0521375886 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521375887 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 1989

Insurgents, Terrorists, and Militias: The Warriors of Contemporary Combat
Richard H. Shultz Jr., Andrea Dew
ISBN-10: 0231129823 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231129824 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231129831 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 2006

Organizations at War in Afghanistan and Beyond
Abdulkader H. Sinno
ISBN-13: 9780801475788 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2009

The Soviet-Afghan War: How a Superpower Fought and Lost
The Russian General Staff, Lester W. Grau, Michael A. Gress, editors
ISBN-10: 070061186X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780700611867 (paper)
University Press of Kansas, 2002

From War to the Rule of Law: Peacebuilding after Violent Conflicts
Joris Voorhoeve
ISBN-13: 9789053568675 (paper)
Amsterdam University Press, 2007

A Vulcan’s Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan
Dov S. Zakheim
ISBN-13: 9780815721222 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780815721260
Brookings Institution Press, 2011

The Middle East and Islamic States: Israel and Palestine

Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change: Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel
Mohammed Abu-Nimer
ISBN-10: 0791441539 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0791441547 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780791441534 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791441541 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 1999

Eisenhower and Israel: U.S.-Israeli Relations, 1953-1960
Isaac Alteras
ISBN-10: 0813012058 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813012066 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813012056 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813012063 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 1993

Transition to Palestinian Self-Government
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Ann Mosely Lesch, principal author
ISBN-10: 0253207940 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780253207944 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 1992

In Pursuit of Peace: The History of the Israeli Peace Movement
Mordechai Bar-On
ISBN-10: 1878379542 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 1878379534 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781878379542 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781878379535 (paper)
United States Institute of Peace Press, 1996

The Making of Israeli Militarism
Uri Ben-Eliezer
ISBN-10: 0253333873 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780253333872 (cloth)
Indiana University Press, 1998

Intimate Enemies: Jews and Arabs in a Shared Land
Meron Benvenisti, foreword by Thomas Friedman
ISBN-10: 0520085671 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520085671 (cloth)
University of California Press, 1995

Peace for Palestine: First Lost Opportunity
Elmer Berger
ISBN-10: 0813012074 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813012070 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 1993

Palestinians in the Arab World
Laurie Brand
ISBN-10: 0231067224 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780231067225 (cloth)
Columbia University Press, 1988

We Belong to the Land: The Story of a Palestinian Israeli who Lives for Peace and Reconciliation
Elias Chacour, Mary Jensen
ISBN-10: 0268019630 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780268019631 (paper)
University of Notre Dame Press, 2001

Separate and Unequal: The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem
Amir S. Cheshin, Bill Hutman, Avi Melamed,
ISBN-10: 0674005538 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780674005532 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 2001

Elie Wiesel and the Politics of Moral Leadership
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Fundamentalism & Political Islam

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Islamic Thought & Culture

     Islamic & Arabic Arts, Literature, and Languages
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Islamic Thought & Culture: Religion

Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation
Ahmed Ali
ISBN-10: 0691074992 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780691074993 (paper)
Princeton University Press, 1988

The Lives of Muhammad
Kecia Ali
ISBN-13: 9780674050600 (cloth)
Harvard University Press, October 2014

A Religion, Not a State: Ali ‘Abd al-Raziq’s Islamic Justification of Political Secularism
Souad T. Ali
ISBN-13: 9780874809510 (paper)
University of Utah Press, 2009

What Is Veiling?
Sahar Amer
ISBN-13: 9781469617756 (cloth)
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